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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sherwood denied key to Tottenham Hotspur transfer war chest

Timmy is putting a brave face on things, but the failure of Spurs to buy anybody in the window tells you everything you need to know about the probable length of his tenure. I posted yesterday that Timmy Time ticked down several heartbeats as Manchester City completed their 11-1 aggregate win over Spurs; well his departure in the summer was all but announced when the key to the vault was kept hidden from him throughout the month of January.

In fact, Tottenham's squad has actually been weakened, with Defoe heading off to the footballing Mecca that is Toronto and Holtby joining the footballing bingo hall that is Fulham.

Timmy, of course, maintains that he didn't want anybody and even suggests that had players been forced upon him, he would have refused to pick them. You can hear him even now. "Messi? He aint a forward as such and he aint a midfielder either. Wouldn't get in my team. No way. Ronaldo? He aint a centre forward as such and he aint an out and out winger either is he? Real Madrid can keep him."

So Timmy has set his stall out. He wants defenders what defend, forwards what attack, wingers what cross and midfielders what do a bit of everfink except keep goal. So, jumpers on the ground for goal posts guys, let's pick sides, no offside for now, and off we go!

Managing a football team in the C21st aint rocket science; just ask Timmy!


  1. Rubbish! Sherwood stated weeks ago that he was happy with the squad and did not see the need to buy any more some research before making stories up...pleeeese

  2. Isnt this a hammers page? Obsessed with Spurs

  3. Very witty piece, in fact a very witty blog in general. Timmy, Uncle Festa, Old big gob....particularly love the "cockney" type talk in this instalment, brilliant and insightful......if you are 4 that is you uninformed juvenile dimwit! If you can't be truly witty when typing a football blog then your only backup option surely is to research before you type