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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Leeds United playing in the last chance saloon

Another day, another mess. With Flowers issuing his winding up petition, GFH Capital have pledged to employ lawyers to "vigorously" contest it. This is whilst Managing Director David Haigh, an employee of GFH Capital, continues to front up a consortium to take over the club with Flowers.

Now some argue that Flowers is just trying to delay Massimo's takeover, but it's a bloody weird way of endearing himself to the present owners and to the fans. First off, the defence of the petition will not come cheap - and Leeds haven't got money to chuck around at the moment - and secondly it will trigger feeding time in the debtors zoo. Now anybody and everybody who is owed money will ask for his share, for fear of finding himself so far down the queue that there won't be any left by the time the piss pot itself is broken up and shared out.

Suddenly Massimo takes on the status of a White Knight, because if his deal doesn't go through, Leeds look to be in deep shit. Should he fail the Fit and Proper Crook test, he will surely issue a winding up petition too to recover his £1.5m loan, and then the wolves really will be tearing at the corpse.

And what about Together Leeds? Well they may now spy an opportunity to buy Leeds on the cheap. Let the club go into administration, take the 15 point deduction and then, like Bates, set about building the club from the ground up.

But talking of Bates, isn't this exactly the scenario he said his strategy was designed to avoid? Wasn't the White Pig sailing through relatively becalmed waters when he was in charge? And are any of the current chancers any better than him?

Who knows, he might fancy a little flutter if the club is available in the Pound Shop again!


  1. Get a job you benefits scrounger.

  2. West Ham's future is:

    Division 3

    Best place for the club that represents the biggest crime-ridden wasteland in Europe.

  3. you just love having a dig at leeds united or is it to get noticed because nobody interested in west ham united lol

  4. u gonna get to a west ham game this season armchair??

  5. Its all one fucking can a club as big as ours be losing a reported 11 million a year.something not quite right somewhere.all of a sudden,the italian bid looks tempting.hes the only one with money.if not administration here we come again.just hope we have enough points to stop up.

  6. The winding up petition is respect to one of the last deals put together by MasterBates whereby he mortgaged off the corporate hospitality receipts.

    There also those 32 preference shares that have to repaid for 4m later this month.

    The 'strings' in Monaco still have control over some of the puppets (or should that be muppets?)

  7. Stop being naive you fool. GFHC have advised Flowers to use the tactic so they can delay the sale to Cellino whilst talks take place. They then feign horror to keep up the deception.

  8. how are west ham doing in the league?

  9. how much have you written about leeds the past week??? youre proper sad mate!! rob is a better writer than you!! ha

    1. Jack is a knob! A massive Brown nose KNOB!

    2. jack is a two faced twat, only bigger prick is Neville ( or am I talking about the same person ?)

  10. Feed the troll, loser

  11. evening professor bubble blower thank you for yet again your wonderful insight into the day to day running of leeds united

    it doesn't take a genius to know that yes we are doomed and that there is a curse hanging over our great club.

  12. "sailing through relatively becalmed waters when he was in charge?"

    No, he created the debt by redeveloping the east stand. The debt with Flowers was created by Bates in 2012. And he bailed out with the club hemorrhaging 10 million a year