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Monday, 3 February 2014

Leeds United "doesn’t belong to anyone but the fans" claims McDermott as he stands up to Cellino and GFH Capital

Well had he been standing in an election, it would have been the perfect speech. McDermott has done everything he can to make his sacking impossible by allying himself absolutely with the "class act"  that support the club - and effectively saying to whoever owns the shares of the business, 'Sack me if you dare'!

Short term, it's a bloody clever move, but there's one major flaw in the McDermott Self Preservation Strategy, and that's the fickle nature of the "class act" fans on whose total support he now depends. The 'vile animals' element were getting restless before Cellino didn't sack him, and if results don't pick up quickly, the self same mob that demanded McDermott's reinstatement on Saturday will quickly turn their backs on him and demand his removal.

Just imagine if Yeovil were to beat Leeds on Saturday, a result that would be comparable to Colchester's victory over Revie's team when you consider the Somerset side's average gate and limited resources. Suddenly fans will start wondering why Leeds can score five when McDermott isn't in charge of the team, yet they can't buy a win when he is at the helm. Because Gibbs can say as often as he likes that it was McDermott's team that beat Huddersfield, but McDermott wasn't in the dressing room to deliver the half time speech that turned the game around was he?

So actually, Cellino now holds the aces in the longer game. If results are good, then great, his investment grows in value; but if results are poor, the very fans on whom McDermott depends will be calling for his head, enabling Cellino to use McDermott's own words to justify his dismissal - 'the fans want you out and according to you, the fans own the club!'

It was always going to be a Cup Final for Yeovil on Saturday; now it promises to be a Cup Final for Brian McDermott too!


  1. Think if it was based on results then fair enough, any manager is at risk. But the point here is, notwithstanding McDermott is 8 months into a "3 year plan", McDermott was fired BEFORE the new owner has even had time to judge him for himself.

    The whole circus surrounding the illegalities of it all and the lack of authority by the person doing the sacking - Chris Farnell (IPS Law, Manchester), as well as those behind it - believed to be Al Reyes and Nooruddin who are both very quiet, as well Cellino - is another story entirely.

  2. completely wrong!! if the team dips again mcdermott wont be to blame,the team still needs new players which it didnt get in january.

    and also,why dont you just keep your fat nose out?? thats about 5 stories about leeds you have written since friday you SAD ACT!

  3. I think 32,000 after 7 games without a win is testimony enough to the loyalty McDermott has.

  4. Nev, you are just pissed off that Ross chose little old Leeds over a cockney super power. See you next season.

  5. congratulations for getting in double figures on your west ham blogs.

  6. After all the insanity of Friday the FL have no other choice than to turn Cellino down. The two-time fraudster, with an alleged court case still hanging over him for embezzlement and Friday evening's little pantomime of acting outside FL own laws by sacking B McD surely will stand against him. Farnan and Flowers are apparently joining forces and waiting in the wings, surely the FL must favour these than a crook.

  7. Nothing cynical about it Neville , he loves the club and the fans and it showed ,,, if only someone loved you

  8. die like papa did.rot of cancer! hahahaha

  9. "Vile Animals" and "Mob" - these are quotes from yourself and one other person, very little evidence to be stated as facts.

    You have chosen to compare Saturdays match to Colchester's victory over Revie's team - but stating it is a match between two out of form 2nd tier teams would be far more accurate.

    Saturday is not a cup final, it is a more important game for Yeovil than Leeds, if Yeovil do win, everyone will blame the takeover problems and lack of stability.

    Cellino does not have an investment, as his ownership has not yet been ratified.

  10. The football league will not regard Cellino as a fit and proper person even if he hides behind his family business. Football must take a stand against criminals,wide boys,asset strippers and loan sharks that infest our game. The money that Sky, BT and others have made available has distorted our national game. The real `Vile Animals` are not the fans but those who see our clubs as asset to rape

  11. Fan power in charge at Elland Road.

    Scum power in charge at the Boleyn.

    The man in charge dressed as the captain of K-141 Kursk - how apt.

    The club that represents the most revolting crime ridden pile of crap in Europe on its way down.....

  12. if friar brian keeps opening his gob, godfather cellino might arrange for him to wake up with flamingo's head!