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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sherwood's Tottenham Hotspur Come Up Short at Hull City

How much did Soldado cost? What is Adebayor being paid in wages? And between them, they couldn't muster a single goal at Hull City, with Tottenham rescued from embarrassing defeat by a Paulinho goal.

And what is the only alternative to penalty king Soldado and the moody Adebayor? That would be young Kane, a promising but very raw talent. Now you are not telling me that this is a squad equipped to challenge for a top four spot and press on in the Your Ropey League!

But according to Timmy, he didn't need any new players in January, despite agreeing to allow Defoe to move to Canada. Really?

So what happens if Soldado and Adebayor get injured exactly, or with his place in the team now almost guaranteed, Adebayor chooses to idle. Surely Tottenham needed at least one more striker during this window, especially if Timmy persists with two up top?

Look at the facts rather than what Timmy claims and surely it is obvious that Levy wasn't willing to trust his caretaker with a transfer budget. Long's goal today showed that you don't have to spend megabucks to pick up a decent understudy, although with Soldado virtually goal less other than from the penalty spot, it may not be an understudy that's needed.

Despite Moyeschester United's on going struggles, Spurs slipped further behind in the race for the Champions League today and it's not difficult to see why: compare Tottenham's 31 goals scored in 24 games with fourth placed Liverpool's 57 from 23 and it's amazing that the points gap is as narrow as it is!

No need for new signings? Pull the other one Timmy!


  1. Adebayor worked his socks off so don't agree with your comments but the rest of the team were clueless. We played like a top 6 side and got what we deserved-1 point. The defence is very worrying particularly Walker and Rose. Bye,bye top 4.

    1. I agree, walker & rose aren't the best, but it worries me even more that he persists with a centre back that belongs in the bottom half not the top four, we all know Dawson is 'Tottenham til he dies' but he is not as good as Chirishes, Vertongen or Kaboul, so he should only be used as backup not first choice