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Friday, 30 May 2014

Who will be left at Southampton after Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United feeding frenzy?

Poor Southampton, after four remarkable years, the club finds itself like a bleeding sailor bobbing up and down in shark infested waters. The bigger boys have smelt the blood and are moving in for the kill.

Of course, this was always going to happen as soon as Pochettino jumped ship, but whilst the defections of Lallana and Shaw were predictable, the decision to part with Lambert for the paltry sum of four and half million quid signals a depressing summer indeed for Saints fans. The guy is a talisman and so much of what Southampton have achieved has been based on his footballing brain and tenacity. For me, he is the best striker of his type since Teddy Sheringham and it is criminal that he was allowed to spend so long in the lower reaches of the league.

Where now for Southampton exactly? Saints fans took issue when I said that the club was getting its just deserts following the sacking of the man who guided them to the Prem. All sorts of excuses were given - it was a different chairman, the fans didn't want it to happen - but none of that washes. Having been to university in Southampton I counted the club as my third team - after West Ham and Yeovil (where I lived from the age of five) - but my affection for the club evaporated with that cruel and disrespectful dismissal.

I don't want the Saints to go down the tubes completely, but a return to the Championship would, I feel, be a fitting punishment for replacing a loyal servant with an opportunist rat like Pochettino.


  1. Pochettino may be an opportunist rat however he did take the club to a higher level and gave the saints a belief that they can compete with any team. I did like Nigel and thought he deserved better however I don't think an 8th place finish would have been the result. Saying that would the saints be under attack if Nigel stayed and we finished 14th or 15th. It does see unfair that once a team plays above themselves they are ultimately punished for doing so well.

  2. will you prefer 8th place or being in the premier league for the next 10 years , yup I know , so shuuut uppp

  3. Still a twat!!

  4. Under Nigel there was no guarantee of being in the premier league for the next 10 years ( crap comment) unless you have some crystal ball that helps you see all.

  5. was it worth your time? along with mine, only 5 comments. stick to Leeds for your pathetic need for attention.