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Saturday, 31 May 2014

McDermott & Cellino speak with Forked Tongues as Brian leaves Leeds

Well, the parting statements reek of a pay off and a gagging order don't they? Now we know why it has taken so long for Cellino to force out McDermott, lawyers have been in smokeless rooms negotiating the divorce settlement.

For Cellino there were obviously three key objectives:

1) Getting rid of a man he clearly feels was no more than a nodding dog for the previous regime - and with GFH Capital still maintaining a 25% stake in the club, his retention was dangerous.

2) Keeping to an absolute minimum the pay off to purge himself of McDermott.

3) Bringing the fans with him. He saw how the fans rallied around McDermott the last time he sacked him, and the last thing he needs at the moment is for the fans to turn against him personally. So the need for "mutuality".

For McDermott there were two key issues:

1) A pay off.

2) Leaving with a degree of dignity.

So, a "mutual" parting of the ways has been agreed, but the world and his dog know that McDermott was pushed out. Cellino's lawyers will have briefed the Italian on the Constructive Dismissal laws in the UK and cited the example of Curbishley and West Ham and McDermott would have had a hot line open to the legal eagles at the Manager's Association.

But let's not allow Nice Guy Brian to paint himself in pure white here.

First and foremost, he failed as a manager of Leeds United. True he faced difficulties during his reign, but what's new at Leeds? Old Big Gob Warnock had to deal with Bates and GFH Capital in much the same way as McDermott had to deal with GFH Capital and Cellino, and Warnock did a better job: Leeds were in 12th when Warnock resigned and finished that season in 13th; and this season, McDermott's team ended the campaign in 15th. And remember, Warnock's plans were disrupted by the sale of Snakeinthegrass and his leading goal scorer, whereas McDermott was allowed to keep McCormack and Byram and allowed to buy Murphy and Smith into the bargain.

Meanwhile, McDermott has claimed that, first and foremost, he had the best interests of the club and its wonderful fans in mind; but that is pure cobblers: it was obvious to everybody that he was a lame duck manager after the initial dismissal and his decision to return and remain, even into the close season, suggests that he has been acting on legal advice, positioning himself perfectly to maximise the financial payoff from Cellino, with a complete disregard for what is actually best for the club. The fans want a successful team, and McDermott's protracted departure has done nothing to help that cause. Now player defections may follow, further weakening an already weak squad.

Don't expect any revelations from McDermott anytime soon - a gag would have been agreed as part of the deal. So Leeds fans will have to swallow the bullshit, knowing that club and former manager are in fact treating them with contempt, striking deals with a complete disregard for what the fans themselves want. But hey, what's new?

For Master Bates read Godfather Cellino!

Meanwhile, LUST strangely don't seem to have been consulted!


  1. HF.....An excellent summing-up of the situation at Leeds.

  2. Really.... Well this time i fully agree with your observations. Interesting to see who is Cellino's choice.... Hope he is mentally strong and durable. ....

  3. WTF is up with you? The new owner wants a new coach, it happens year in, year out all over the world. Personally I'd have liked to have seen BMcD given a chance with some decent financial backing, as I, (as well as you do) know the bloke is a good manager. But WTF can I or anyone else do about it? 99% your blogs are concocted snide drivel, there's NEVER anything positive from you, whether it be about your own team or any other. The most nauseating times though are when you play the empathetic, we all see through you! You're nothing more than a piece of shit hf. You better hope the hammers season starts well, cos I can't see fat sam being given very long if it doesn't and I can't see any big names wanting to work under the Dildo Twins!

    1. Well said mate. Wouldn't it be ironic if B.McD is installed as the next West Ham manager, after fat Sam is sacked 6 weeks into the new season? I guess he would be the best manager in the lower half of the premiership then. My dream scenario would be for Warnock to get the West Ham job with "nice guy brian" as his assistant. I can dream, wish and pray!

  4. Smith was free.

  5. I actually agree with you for once.

  6. Zzzzzz still boring Neville

  7. Where are lust? I don't know what to think without them! And where is my jumper?

  8. Spot on for a change!