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Friday, 30 May 2014

Leeds United Supporters' Trust New Survey Questions

1. Do you believe LUST are partially culpable for the current mess because of their promotion of the takeover of the club by Gulf Finance House Capital?

2. Do you think an organisation formed to protest against Ken Bates should now shut the fcuk up?

3. Would you donate a pen to help LUST to sign its own winding up order?

4. Do you find the self congratulatory posturing of LUST both obnoxious and tiresome?

5. Do you think Cellino gives a flying fcuk what LUST's orifices think and say?

6. With less than 1600 people responding to the latest survey, do you think LUST have simply highlighted their total irrelevance by publishing the results?

7. Would you donate a KFC Family Bucket to shut up LUST Chairman Gary Cooper for good?

8. Do you believe anything would be different at Leeds had LUST never been formed?

The results of the poll are just in. There has been no independent verification because this is a tin pot survey that nobody gives a damn about anyway!


  1. All good relevant questions and well done!

  2. Welcome back HF...I've been away for a month and noticed you are back, good to see.....

  3. Cockmuncher.

  4. I would donate 2 KFC buckets to shut Cooper up!

  5. Leave our mate Garry out of it . He´s building a nice little right wing alliance with Glasgow Rangers(Hibs supporters saw that ) Wouldn.t you like to join?

  6. You've got a good point!
    Infact it's an excellent point!
    Good work spammer!