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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Spirit of Graham Poll Lives On In Huddersfield!

Bloody hell, whilst Yorkshire folk seem to struggle with spelling based on the comments left on here by Leeds fans, you would have thought that counting to two would be a relatively simple matter.

To be fair, of course, referee Russell - who like Poll issued two yellow cards to the same player and forgot to produce the red - was only officiating a game in Yorkshire; he hails from Hertfordshire - just like Poll! Education Secretary Michael Gove should launch an immediate enquiry into the teaching of Maths in Herts.

It was an "honest mistake" according to Russell who, for all those who remember the Irish jokes of the seventies, glorifies very appropriately in the Christian name of Mick.

So Mick and Pollie go into a bar just down the road from Lords and pull out two yellow cards each and the barman says...

Finish the joke yourselves!

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