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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Watford's horses hoping Zola resigns before something terrible happens!

Well, it was always going to happen sooner or later, but Watford fans refused to see it.  The longer you leave Gianfredo in charge, the more his authority wanes. When things are going well, he's great to have around - so positive, so upbeat, so smiley; but when Lady Luck closes her legs, pulls out a vibrator and tells him to roll over instead, Zola is clueless and simply relaxes his sphincter and thinks of Italy.

A 3-0 reverse at home to bottom club Yeovil is catastrophic. Dear God, in 16 games prior to this match, the Glovers had only scored 10, so Watford managed to ship in 90 minutes a third of the goals Yeovil had "amassed" in the previous one thousand four hundred and forty!

Still, Gianfredo has at least woken up to the fact that Watford are now in crisis! Suddenly it's not the fault of the referees and bad luck, suddenly it has something to do with the team he is sending out to lose each week! Not that the players themselves are to blame - dear me no - as with the squad he had at West Ham, he accepts that they are all trying and he retains his faith in them; it's just that their confidence is shot to pieces.

Zola then says something very interesting, claiming "To play this type of football you have to be full of confidence." And what type of football is that exactly? Zola football. Football that only the best can play. And that's Zola's problem, he doesn't understand that you have to cut your suit according to the cloth you have available - and if you have Primark offcuts, you don't try to fashion an Armani suit out of it!

The lovable Italian has admitted that he is "not happy" and that he doesn't need the threat of the sack to make him react. Maybe not, but a horse's head in his bed might just drive home the message!

And meanwhile, if I was Gianfredo, I wouldn't go out fishing on Tolpits Lake in a hurry!

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  1. Ha Ha, a post that is funny and sadly so true. We feel let down after our achievements last season and maybe it was always going to be a season for GFZ after we lost the players in the close season who brought our success.
    Is it time to sing sing ariva derci?