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Saturday, 2 November 2013

One Wally replaces another Wally at QPR

So, with the Wally with the Brolly departing for Derby County, 'Arry 'as moved quickly to replace him with another Wally - appropriately given the Hula Hoops' recent slump in form, called Downes.

Any gRRRs excited by this appointment might like to check out West Ham's defensive record with Wally in charge of our back four, and our record since his departure. To save them the effort, I can confirm that we have been vastly superior since the only man at the club capable of making Big Fat Sam look slim was shown the especially widened door.

'Arry is "delighted" with the appointment - and so he should be as, with all his self promotion activities, he needs somebody to oversee the training between games. It is difficult to see quite what Downes will bring to the QPR table, apart from freeing Redknapp up from tiresome training chores, however as his coaching and management career, one season at Reading apart, is mediocre at best.


  1. I say old fruit top notch reporting there. All the facts nicely proved with top quality reference material at hand to back your claims up. I feel you'll soon be pontificating your wise words of wisdom on that new fangled telly box. Keep up the fine work.

  2. You are a complete cock

    1. you r a complete bumbender from the Boleyn....1882 QPR

  3. I've missed you dear boy. However, predictable as ever, no comments from you until our dip in form (rectified today). Where have you been? I presume you've only just got back online since paying your leccy bill. Are you still eligible for the winter fuel allowance? I say this as your 'reporting' seems like the ramblings of a soft minded pensioner. Still, great to have you back. See you when Rob Green drops a clanger!

  4. bitter as always why the interest int he R 's anyway

  5. why always so bitter when you have the great wonderful free scoring hammers to watch? ...aah!

  6. The article is right regarding the manager why persist with 2 up front when Deeny has lost the plot and as far as the Chelsea recruit who only plays percentage football ie sideways or backwards with Battochio in he at least can score a goal or two and has better vision

  7. West ham have let in only 8 so far BUT have only scored 8. the reason for this is obvious when you see the formation they play. 4-6-0 with an average of less than 1 goal a game? a relegation battle is all you cockneys can look forward to.