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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Latest Cellino-Leeds Knock Back

What is it about Leeds United and take over deals? They never seem to run smoothly it seems. And now, the Leeds Effect seems to have assumed the status of an Inverse Midas Touch, as anybody who comes in to contact with the club seems to be contaminated with a new disease known as Buy Out Collapsivitis.

So, after GFH Capital's ludicrously protracted buy out of Leeds and the collapse of the the David Haigh & Andy Flowers deal, it seems that Cellino himself has been infected - for not only was his bid for the off-Whites initially blocked by the Football League's Fit and Proper Crook Committee, now his proposed sale of Cagliari has collapsed.

It seems the proposed buyer - the marvelously named Silvestrone - has not been fronting up a consortium as he claimed after all, he's simply been on a massive ego trip; or so Cellino claims. Either way, the Italian is suddenly light of something like sixty five million quid, and that can't be great news for fans of Leeds.

I reckon it's time for Newcastle and West Ham to reduce their bids for McCormack: Cellino may be happy to grab at any money on offer! 


  1. who is this dickhead who keeps writing all this crap?

  2. I have to agree with u at the moment.cellino maybe over his head at the moment.we have no manager,coach.,and no players even remotely close to signing,and our star striker on verge of signing for a smaller club.....please god help us.


    Careful now hf, your obsession is telling

  4. Haha I agree with every word but I can 100% promise you Ross won't go to a small no ambitions team like west ham

  5. Lol......McTwat

  6. Next time you have a wanking session over Leeds, try choking yourself at the same time. You might do us all a favour.

  7. Cellino has other irons in the fire for the sale of Cagliari, besides the sale of the club could not be used towards the Leeds United team due to FFP restrictions so will have no implications on the sale of McCormack.
    Your ill researched article seems to miss these points.
    Similarly Newcastle have had a bid turned down.
    I'd expect Newcastle to be back offering higher which may tempt Ross.
    I can't see him being interested in chasing hoofed long balls in a near empty olympic stadium

  8. Bubble blowing prick!

  9. Mccormack turned down the Newcastle bid.

    seems highly unlikely he will go to west ham to get on the end of the hoofballs when he's turned down a bigger club with a style that suits his play and lack of height.

    bet you feel a right muppet with your premature post eh?

  10. Cagliari sold. No more trolling on that front :(

  11. Obviously Ross thought he was too big for West Ham XD